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Fullscreen widgets under GNU/Linux

  • Hi,

    I wrote this function for fullscreen:

    void Player::setFullScreen(bool fullScreen) {
        Qt::WindowFlags flags = windowFlags();
        if (fullScreen) {
            flags |= Qt::Window;
            flags &= ~Qt::SubWindow;
        } else {
            flags &= ~(Qt::Window | Qt::SubWindow);

    And after some time it crash:
    alt image

    What should I change?

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    Can you give more information about your crash ? e.g. a stack trace ?

  • Just to be clear, it's not app crash, I did not describe it good.
    Sometimes fullscreen mode look messy(look at image), let say it's happening every 10th time.
    But, I can exit from that messy fullscreen and video plays in normal mode.

    I tried:

    resize(QApplication::desktop()->width(), QApplication::desktop()->height());

    But no effect.

    I have Gamma Ray, I guess it can help.
    Which informations are relevant?