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Decrease iOS binary size

  • Hi,
    is it possible to optimize my project somehow so that the resulting application archive in iOS gets smaller? I already discovered that I can remove widgets module, which spares a couple of megabytes. I'm importing quick, core, gui modules in my *.pro file and in QML I'm importing QtQuick.Controls, QtQuick.Controls.Styles, QtQuick.Layouts, QtQuick.Window and QtQuick.XmlListModel. Do you think that by modifying my QML code not to use one of the above I could make the binary size noticeably smaller?

    Also, I noticed that the application package in Android is significantly smaller than in iOS (10 MB vs. 15 MB, with all dependencies in the archive). What could be the reason for that?

  • The main issue currently is that iOS bundle are built for two architectures, armv7 and arm64. You can decrease the bundle size by disabling auto-linking of all plugins and manually pick them for static linking:

    This would probably give you another 1 or 2 MB of disk space reduction.


  • Thanks, I'll have a look.

  • My app has even doubled its size after being approved by Apple! When it was in Test Flight beta testing, Test Flight was showing ~20 MB size, but now in App store it's 38 MB!
    I uploaded it via Xcode, so I don't know the size of the uploaded archive.

    Why did that happen?

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