Linking Error using WINAPI-Function "DisableProcessWindowsGhosting()" from User32.dll

  • Hi Community,

    i have a strange Issue using a native Win32-API function called "DisableProcessWindowsGhosting()" located in User32.dll.
    I tried a lot(inclusive adding win32:LIBS += -lUser32 to *.pro), but everything results in same Error Messages:
    ":main.cpp:(.text+0x4f): undefined reference to `_imp__DisableProcessWindowsGhosting@0'" && "ld returned 1 exit status".

    I also tried to include <qt_windows.h> instead of <windows.h> but also this results in the same behaviour.

    I'm using QTCreator 3.2.2, QT 4.8.6, mingw/gcc on Windows 7

    We are developing an Application on an Embedded Touch device, i need this Function to deactivate "ProcessWindowsGhosting"-Technologie which produces the "Application is not responding/Freezing" PopUp-Message.

    Can anyone help me with linkage against User32 on mingw and gcc, or is there a QT alternative to "DisableProcessWindowsGhosting(VOID)"?

    Thanks a lot.

  • This function is only for desktop applications. It may not exist for embedded systems.

    I would check if the function exist before doing anything else. If you list the exported functions from USER32 and don't see it then this explains the linker error.

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