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How to select iOS Simulator device?

  • I need my app to look good on iPhone 5, but iOS Simulator is starting as iPhone 6 and I can't change this. In Simulator I can go to Hardware/Device/iPhone 5 but my app terminates and next time it starts again as iPhone 6.

    I found the following on
    "You can change the simulated hardware and software version in the run settings for the project. Select Projects > Run, and then select the device to simulate in the Device type field."
    However there's no such field Device type in Project's run settings. Any ideas?

  • I found a workaround: in Simulator menu go to Hardware - Device - Manage Devices and remove phones you don't want. Afterwards you get iPhone 4S or similar.

  • In the upper left of the screen, next to the "play" button, you see the current scheme. Right next to it is the target device list. Click it to expand it and select your target platform. If you don't see what you want, you may need to go to xCode preferences and download older SDK's

  • @DRoscoe You are probably talking about Play button in XCode. Unfortunately, this setting has no effect on launching apps from Qt Creator. I can switch the device in Xcode to iPhone 5, but apps started from Qt Creator will still launch in iOS Simulator running as iPhone 6 (unless it's deleted as mentioned above).

  • @m_andrej My misunderstanding. It is my experience that Qt Creator does not do a very good job with iOS builds. My greatest success has been with using qmake to generate the xCode project files and then working from there. The command line to do this is:

    qmake -spec macx-xcode -recursive

    The -recursive flag may not be needed in your case.

  • We wondered about this too, and the solution is the QtCreator has its own device chooser dropdown. Open QtCreator and on the bottom left where you select the target, you have a dropdown where you can select the iOS device.

    -- oops, sorry, misread the question.

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