load https: Self Signed Certificate encryption

  • I use soap to call web service with certificate encryption deploying in Android 2.3
    how to proceed https or load certificate
    any idea?

    I'm using this code below , but appears "Network transport error (6): SSL handshake failed" error
    void QtSoapHttpTransport::setHost(const QString &host, bool useSecureHTTP, int port)
    url.setScheme(useSecureHTTP ? QLatin1String("https") : QLatin1String("http"));
    https = useSecureHTTP;
    if (port)
    url.setPort(useSecureHTTP ? 443 : 80);

    Sets the HTTP header SOAPAction to \a action.
    void QtSoapHttpTransport::setAction(const QString &action)
    soapAction = action;

    Submits the SOAP message \a request to the path \a path on the
    HTTP server set using setHost().
    void QtSoapHttpTransport::submitRequest(QtSoapMessage &request, const QString &path)
    QNetworkRequest networkReq;
    networkReq.setHeader(QNetworkRequest::ContentTypeHeader, QLatin1String("text/xml;charset=utf-8"));
    networkReq.setRawHeader("SOAPAction", soapAction.toLatin1());

    qDebug() << url.port();
    qDebug() << url.host();
     networkRep = networkMgr.post(networkReq, request.toXmlString().toUtf8().constData());


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