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Publishing and Beta Testing Android Apps in the Google Play Store

  • Has anyone actually used Qt to publish an app to the store and test the in app purchasing?

    I have created and paid for a Google Developer account.
    I have developed an app that works fine when downloaded to the Android device via Qt Creator.
    I have signed the app using Qt Creator.
    I have uploaded the APK.
    I have uploaded graphics and screen grabs for the app.
    I have created a Google Community/Group for testing.
    I have added testers to the group and invited them to test.
    I have set a price for the app.
    I have created an in app consumable.
    The APK is in Beta and shows as Published.

    When I enter the app link that the Google Developer console says to send to the testers, I get a page that displays, says I'm a tester, and has links to Download xxx from the Play Store. When I click on the link, the message is "Item not found", Retry.

    So what have I missed or not done???

    All this just to test the Qt In-App Purchasing.

    Have I missed a step or something????

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