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Compiling Qt5 (5.4.1) for Raspberry Pi

  • I'm really new to Qt but I have already made some moves on Desktop - Linux (x64).
    I have a raspberry pi version 2 here and I tried to start some example to run a Qt - application on it.
    I followed this guide here:

    I used the mentioned script at the beginning but I had to patch a lot (for current debian etc.)
    I have cross compiled everything almost successfully. My output at the end shows me that everything except qtjsbackend was ok (I hope I do not need it urgently).

    In the guide it is explained that I need to configure "Qt Creator" (Configuring Qt Creator).

    My question now is:

    Do I have to use my "desktop" (x64) Qt Creator installed before or should there be some new version? (this question could look dumb but I don't know if I understand it correct...)

  • With Qt Creator, you can compile an app for any target, embedded or desktop. You simply need to make Qt Creator aware of how to compile for the embedded device by configuring a kit.

    Once you do that, you can select which target to deploy to within Qt Creator.