Playing Video using Qt 5.4

  • Hi, I'd like to play a movie in a new window after I press QPushButton. Let me point out thing I have tried so far, I am still rookie, so pardon me for any mistake...Here I go:

    1. I used videoplayer example, it worked but could not open any .mp4 file...I thought it is missing codec case so...
    2. While browsing several hours for answer I came across something called vlc-qt. According to LINK1 and LINK2 this would do the job.
    3. At start I had downloaded vlc MSVC version instead of minGW. But after several tries and some hours of trying I came here...

    My Questions are:

    1. Is QMultimedia reliable to create good VideoPlayer?? (I need to play Full HD 1080p)
      If yes, how to make it work with many video extensions / add them? / install them? I have kazaa codec pack in my system so I am not missing any...

    2. If no, what would be the best choice??

    I am using Win7 32 bit, and Qt 5.4 minGW. I appreciate any kind of help!
    Regards, Michael.

    EDIT: Regarding my #1 problem. If you have "error: Unresolved error code 80040266" just delete/reinstall codecs, apparently something was messed up. I have read that FFDshow is responsible in Windows for decoding video and installing again K-Lite Codec Pack did the job.

    Got Video and Sound, but still don't know if it is the best choice...

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