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[iOS] Q_INIT_RESOURCE gets a undefined reference

  • Hi everyone,

    I am trying to use resources that are in a separate library that I statically link against.

    While on OS X and Android I can retrieves the library resources by using Q_INIT_RESOURCE(qrcfilename), on iOS I get a undefined reference to qInitResoures_qrcfilename.

    I ran 'nm' on my static lib and I do find for both armv7/arm64 the function.

    What am I doing wrong or is there a known bug on that ?

    I tried to find some info around but could not.


    Edit: I am using Qt 5.4.0

  • I am encountering the exact same problem. Using X Code 7.3.1 with Qt 5.2.1. I am curious if you find a solution.

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