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Unable to build Qt 5.4.1 on Debian

  • Downloaded and extracted the source tarball to my flash drive. When I run ./configure command it fails with the message "Cannot read /media/hpv12. 5w/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-5.4.1: file to open is a directory
    Error processing project file: /media/hpv125w/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-5.4.1"

  • I find using the online installer (package manager) is easier to use that using the tarball. There's just one tick box to select the source code download, and it extracts the source code to the Qt install directory.

  • There is a space in the path. The error message is missing the space.

    I think this is a known issue (using a path with spaces).

  • @Rondog . Good call! After renaming my usb device without spaces and extracting a fresh copy of the source I was able to configure and build Qt.

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