Qt5.4.1 WebEngine on arm7 using DirectFB and QtQuick2DRenderer softwarecontext

  • I'm wondering if anyone has had any luck getting the WebEngine working on an arm7 system using DirectFB and QtQuick2DRenderer? I cross-compiled the qtwebengine package (chromium and the rest) for my target platform and believe I have everything in place deployment-wise, but it seems like maybe the integration isn't complete.

    I've created a small QML test app that simply initializes a WebEngineView with a url, but at some point I see this error "GLContextHelper::getEGLDisplay() failed" and the application fails with an assertion error. I tried digging in and filling in the DirectFBEGL plugin with functions that seemed to be missing and would have otherwise fell back to the NativeIntegration (causing the error above), but I don't know where this effort ends or if it's even worth it.

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