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virtual keyboard problem with Spinbox

  • for the virtual keyboard, there is an example project called "input panel" for Qt4.8.
    In the example project, a Qt LineEdit object accept the input from virtual keyboard, it works fine.

    In my application, I want several Qt QSpinBox or QDoubleSpinBox objects to accept the input from virtual keyboard, I combined them together, but it works kind of weird.
    for example, the default value of a Qspinbox is 1000, I use mouse to select all digits "1000", then enter "2' from virtual keyboard, it looks fine, "2" is displayed in spinbox, then I clicked "1" on virtual keyboard, the number in Qspinbox is not "21" as supposed to, but change to "1000".

    but this virtual keyboard works fine with FileNameEdit Object. looks like it works with line edit object, but not Spinbox. Anyway has experience and knows what's the problem? thanks a lot for help

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    Isn't this a duplicate of this thread ?