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[SOLVED] Is it possible to batch build all builds of a project?

  • Any project would normally have at least debug and release build configurations. In QtCreator you can batch build all currently opened projects. But I couldn't find any option that would build all configurations of a project automatically (both debug and release builds, and any additional configs ones if present)

    Is there a way to make QtCreator do this?

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    AFAIK no, but you should verify with the "Qt-creator": mailing list. You'll find there Qt Creator's developers/maintainers

  • I found an answer. It is possible but not directly from QtCreator since there is no menu item that allows you to do it.
    The solution would be to manually create a makefile that batch builds all configs. It might work for small projects since changes might be minimal, but on large projects I doubt someone would go through all the hassle of manually maintaining a make file, updating it every time the project changes...

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    You can also try to make a feature request for that (just check before if nobody already did)

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