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Dynamic Image scaling/rotation

  • This may be a simple question with a simple answer, so here's hoping... I have an image and I need to compensate for its orientation. To me this means I have to transform the content, not simply set a rotation for it to be drawn, because the actual image bits need to eventually be passed on to OpenGL for generation as a texture.

    So the question... within QML (be it inline script or a function... but not C++), does anyone have a suggestion how I might execute an transform based on an arbitrary rotation? I don't know what the rotation is at the time of the UI's creation, it has to happen afterwards. (In an onClicked: block for example)

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    Do you mean something like "Rotation": ?

  • Sure, that is the concept. However, it is my understanding that rotation is simply a value that tells the QML engine how to draw that image, it doesn't actually transform the content of the image. (By transform I mean "manipulate the bits in the image", not just turn the rectangle on its side.)

    For instance, if I have a portrait image and set rotation to 90, it would be drawn on its side. If I copy that image to another, the second image would still be in portrait, not a new version of the content on its side.

    Is my understanding of the rotation value correct or am I missing something?

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    Indeed, you understood it correctly. I'm not sure that the manipulation you would like to do are available in QML

  • Just to close the topic out, at this point in time it seems the only solution is to pass the content from QML to C++ and perform the rotation there.

    The reason for asking in the first place is that the QML camera does not always operate as expected. In this instance on an iPhone 6 it was taking pictures that were offset by 90 degrees from the orientation of the viewfinder. Android phones and tablets performed correctly as did iPads.

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    Then it's a bug, does your iPad and iPhone share the same iOS version ?

    In any case, you should take a look at the "bug report system": to see if it's something known

  • I think there are a few bugs tied to the camera in iOS.

    Even after trying the 5.4.1 snapshot, my issues still persist. Besides re-submitting a bug report, do you know of a way to contact anyone involved in the testing/debugging/release process?

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    You can ask on the "interest mailing list": (don't forget to subscribe first) or the #qt IRC channel. If you have one of the commercial license you can also contact the Qt Company through the Support Center

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