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4.8 Embedded (BeagleBone) Screen Rotate [Solved]

  • I am attempting to develop an app to run on a BeagleBone black

    My next challenge is to get the display rotated through 180
    So far I have had no success
    The app runs fine on the BeagleBoard before any rotation
    I have tried several different things so far based on lots of searches but to no avail :(

    I have tried adding
    QWSDisplay::setTransformation(QTransformedScreen:: Rot180);

    but that had no affect

    I then tried reconfiguring and recompiling qt from source on my host (ubuntu 14.04 in vm) adding the '-qt-gfx-transformed' option to configure program
    Qt seemed to configure and compile correctly
    I then added
    #include <QtPlugin>

    to my main.cpp (above main(...))
    and also

    QTPLUGIN += qgfxtransformed

    to my .pro file

    Then when I attempt to build the project I get a linker problem ":-1: error: cannot find -lqgfxtransformed"

    I am using qtcreator g++ to build the application

    Please help! I have been stuck on this for hours!


    Shortly after posting this I realised that I had actually solved this about an hour before without realising it! DOH!

    Reconfiguring and recompiling the qt source actually did fix my problem, I needed no code changes and I just simply did not add the "-display "transformed:rot180" to the running arguments of qt

    I discovered my error when I tried to run the program file explicitly using that extra argument and it worked!

  • This post is deleted!

  • can you explain for detail about "Reconfiguring and recompiling the qt source actually did fix my problem"
    i can't solve the problem

  • @ronaldsamuelpasaribu He simply recompiled Qt from source and configured it to include qgfxtransformed (whatever this is). I don't know if the thread creator will ever answer because also this post is 9 months old.

  • @jjan thanks for respon my post
    i succeed reconfigure qt
    but if i build aplication with qt creator (reconfigured)
    i have error
    cannot find -lqgfxtransformed
    can you help?
    and one more question
    error in my friendlyarm is
    ./test -qws
    transformed: driver not found

    this problem from my compiler or my device friendlyarm??

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