Change font color of Qtableview text when onclick()

  • Hi,
    i want to implement QTableview ondoubleclick() method .
    the method only takes :
    const QModelIndex &index

    and i have the model for the qtableview .

    how can i edit the text color in a certain cell in the qtableview inside the ondoubleclick() ?

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    Do you mean have a color editor or just change the color of the cell ?

  • sorry for late reply ,
    i don't exactly know what a color editor is , but what i want is to be able to change the text color in the cells of the tableview , the default know is black .
    lets say i have a column of IDs , and one of the ids is 123456 , this is the text i want to change its color 123456 .

  • Hi,

    If you want to change the color of the letters shown in table, you should check out setting the Qt::ForegroundRole on the cell you want to be colored.

  • thanks that worked , i just used :

    QStandardItem *col_2 = new QStandardItem(QString(tr((*it)->description.c_str())));

    now its a bit tricky , is it possible to color some of the text ? not the whole cell's ForegroundRole ?

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    For that second port you should rather create a custom QStyledItemDelegate where you'll be able to customize the painting to your needs

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