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[SOLVED]Use UIImagePickerController in qt application

  • Hi, i use qt5.3 on mac to develop an iOS application. I want to use UIImagePickerController with objective-c to pick an image from ios gallery and show it in qt. I know how use objective-c code in qt. To using UIImagePickerController , i need to add <UIKit/UIKit.h> in objective-c file(.mm), but i get this error "UIKit/UIKit.h" file not found.
    I've added this code in .pro : LIBS += framework UIKit
    can someone tell me how can i use UIImagePickerController in qt?

  • I solved my problem and found the solution from this link :
    when in desktop kit I type in #import <UIKit/UIKit.h> I get the error, "UIKit/UIKit.h" file not found.

    I looked up this error and I found some answers that said UIKit is not included in MacOSX, but it is specific to iPhone:

    good luck

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