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    QXmlStreamWriter stream(&output);
    stream.writeAttribute("href", "http://qt-project.org/");
    stream.writeTextElement("title", "Qt Project");
    stream.writeEndElement(); // bookmark

    Im newbie with qt and never worked on xml.
    While going through documentation, I found this code as sample example for writing in to XML.
    May I please know what is "output " in first line?

    Is it a file streamer??
    can i get a basic code for read and write xml. please. So that I can get some idea on implementation.


    [edit: Added missing coding tags @ SGaist]

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    If you take the three constructors from QXmlStreamWriter, output can either be a QIODevice, a QByteArray or a QString.

    For an example on how to use this class look for the "QXmlStream Bookmarks Example" in Qt's documentation

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