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Using the Qt IDE as a software tool for scripts.

  • Hi!

    I have a little doubt here , that i dont know where to properly put in the forum, so if this is posted in a incorrect place, please let me know...ok?

    Well, my doubt is:

    I have a 3D Engine coded all using Qt , and i´m starting to develop the "tools" that will help the developers work with it, like editors converters and things like that.

    It means i will start work with the Qt GUI and code some OpenGL screens...etc...etc...

    Looking at some Commercial Engines, many of them have a little funtionality that uses an IDE "embedded" on this GUI´s, for example:

    In Unity, you click on a specific object than , Unity Interface open a instance of Mono IDE interface , with the Scripts already created with some templates to the programmer work with the scripts and functions.

    Actually i Use Lua for scripts already integrated with Qt , and for example it will be interesting have an IDE that have all the objects and functions avaliabe in Lua, like we have in the C++ Objects in a specific IDE , like the Mono IDE makes it avaliable in the Mono IDE for the Unity Engine Example.

    This type of thing is possible with Qt?
    Any help will be much appreciated!

    Kind Regards.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    Do you mean something like a light version of Qt Creator ?

  • Yes!

    where can be distrubuted with my engine , and load in the code all the text complete and list objects funtionalities , like existing in the actual Qt Creator.

    With this i can create in a editor, for example , the routines to load and organize the scripts, like the ones existing in the Unity Engine.

    Kind Regards

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    Then you can get some inspiration of Qt Creator's source code

  • Where i can get the source as a stand alone application?


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    In the "download": section of the site. Click on Show downloads, scroll to Qt Creator and you have the possibility to download the correct archive (zip for windows, tar.gz for the others)

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