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QtLoation for Android and IOS

  • Hi,
    i must develop cross-platform mobile application, and obviously i thinked how can i do with Qt?
    I need a map (google maps). First problem webkit isn't on Android. Ok i try a other solution.
    I see https://github.com/otsaloma/poor-maps map app for sailfish. It use QtLocation 5. I see also Ubuntu touch example and it use QtLocation. Now, why haven't Android and Ios this module?
    Must i to compile it?

  • Moderators

    [quote author="niqt" date="1407839296"]Now, why haven't Android and Ios this module?[/quote]

    Because it is not ready yet. It will probably be available in Qt 5.5.

  • As an old user Qt, I see black. The maps are now required for many types of applications. Now I have to develop native and next time I will not lose two days to figure out what I can do or not do.

  • Hi,
    however, I would like to contribute. Where can I find the instructions for compiling this module?

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    I do not know, sorry. Please ask on the development mailing list or check QtLocation repository for a readme file.

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