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Debug Dll working in release mode but crashing the program in debug mode .

  • Hi ,
    I was creating a Dll with Qt using Qt Creator .The dll is building fine and I am able to collect the generated dll and lib files :they are called NodeDll.dll and NodeDll.lib .

    I am then creating an application to test the libraries .In the .pro file ,I am making qmake aware of the location of the .lib file and copying the .dll file in the location of the generated .exe file of my application .This is the general flow I usually follow to use my libraries .My libraries are being built in debug mode .The problem I am facing is that when I try to run the application it just crashes .When I change to release mode( I am linking to the debug version of my dll) It works as expected .I need it to work in debug mode so others can hunt for problems easily .

    Has anyone faced these issues?Any ideas how I can get this working as expected?

    EDIT: I also built the library as static and it is still crashing the application .I looked again into what should be done when building and using libraries with Qt here .May this be the problem with Qt Creator?

    My set up is Qt 5 with OpenGL

    Thank you for your time .


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    It's a bit vague, what crash are you experiencing ?

  • First thing to check for is mixed runtime library modes between your modules. Multi-threaded, Multi-threaded dll etc.

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