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Qt for Log In Application

  • Hey folks,
    I am using Qt 4.7, I am working on simple application of Log In to gmail , I have created page for log in, but I am unable to link the Sign up button to the desired script.
    Actually the script contains curl commands, which I just want to execute when the Sign up button is clicked.

    I am using ubuntu 10.04.

          Please help me out. I am novice.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Log in to what? We need more information to provide you with any help.

  • Hi, ZapB, if I read what this guys wrote, is possible he want to login on the mail server. Google mail, it's true ?

  • swapnil,

    You mention gmail and curl. How are you using curl? Do you use libcurl, or do you want to use the command line version? In the latter case, have you looked into QProcess?

  • Gees, I should stop answering today. No good at reading when I have man-flu ;-) Anyway, as Andre says you can either use QProcess with the cli curl or call libcurl functions form within your Qt app or just use QNetworkAccessManager.

  • ZapB, stay in bed, and take care of you, you are prcious ! :-)

  • libcurl is easy to use. Messing around with a script that uses curl is in many cases not worth it. A monolithic application using libcurl is much easier to deploy and does not have the inter process communication overhead.

  • Hey,
    Thanks for your reply.
    I am simultaneously working on curl development. I just have one simple curl command which displays the unread mails from my inbox.
    So I run that command on clicking Sign Up button of my application.

    Can you please suggest me the how to log in to gmail or twitter using libcurl script ?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Start with commenting on the actual contents of the suggestions...

  • [quote author="swapnil" date="1300343722"]
    Can you please suggest me the how to log in to gmail or twitter using libcurl script ?

    Use QProcess for calling the curl command line tool - as already suggested - and ask for the rest in the curl communication channels, this is not Qt related at all.

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