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[Solved] ReadAll() (ls)

  • I need to offer a selection of mounted drives to the user for a procedure. The fragment below will show me the the contents of the directory where drive mounts live. How can I parse out the sd?? values (sda1,sdb1,etc) from the QString "command" and offer them to the user for choice?

    @ QProcess mount_dir;
    cstring = adb + " -s " + daddr+port + " shell su -c ls /storage/";


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    Did you get the output of the ls command from QProcess in your program ? If yes, it should be simple QString parsing. QString documentation should help you.

    If you have not got the output from QProcess do let me know. I can help with that.

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    Please have a look at QProcess's "extended description":http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5/qprocess.html#details you'll see how to properly build a parameter list and start a process with it

  • Did you get the output of the ls command from QProcess in your program ? If >yes, it should be simple QString parsing.

    Actually, parsing is what I'd like a hand with. QProcess is working great.

    I have a qstring, "command" as shown in the code above. Among other things, it will contain strings of a pattern "sd??", *sda1,sdb1,sdc1, etc).

    Is there a way I can grab any substring matching the pattern "sd??" from the qstring returned by readAll()?

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    QRegularExpression comes to mind

  • Yeah, I saw that and came across this fragment in my search:

    QRegularExpression re("(\d+) (\w+)");
    QRegularExpressionMatch match = re.match("1234 word");
    if (match.hasMatch()) {
    QString digits = match.captured(1); // "1234"
    QString letters = match.captured(2); // "word

    Unfortunately, I'm not one of the 1 out of 10,000 coders who speak regex.

    So, what would a regex for "sd??" be?

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    This should help you.
    QString str = "/dev/sda1";
    int index = str.indexOf("sd");
    QString newStr = str.mid(index,4);
    qDebug() << "Sub String ="<<newStr@

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    There are several possibilities e.g.


    If you are looking for specifically sd plus something:


    From the top of my head.

    You can build the "Regular Expressions Example" to help you build the regexp

  • Thanks for this. That tool is very handy.

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