Using simplegl to create OpenGL full-screen window with QtEmbedded

  • Hi! I'm trying to use QtEmbedded on a ARM device with OpenGL ES 2 support (I already succeeded in running OpenGL examples using Qt/X11). I already compiled QtEmbedded with OpenGL ES 2 support against my OpenGL ES 2 libraries and everything is working fine. When I try to start the hellogl_es2 example (just I test, I know it is not full-screen) using the simplegl2 I get:

    @Warning: Using EGL_DEFAULT_DISPLAY does not work with X11
    SimpleGLScreen: could not create the full-screen window
    SimpleGLScreen: may need to modify defaultRootWindowHandle()
    simplegl: driver cannot connect

    I tried with iterations to determine the correct ID for the root window (I don't have it), but still I can't find any which makes it work. Any idea why? Also, what does the first line mean? That is kinda suspect. I tried many other examples and demos using the framebuffer only and everything not using OpenGL seems to work absolutely perfectly!
    Thanks for any help!

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