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Rendering images on Android using QML image type performance issues

  • Rendering images with QtQuick 2.0 is very slow! About 40 seconds for a full hd png image.

    There is no difference in performance whether the image comes from a remote server or from the assets folder.

    gsm: Sony Xperia Z

    @Image {
    anchors.fill : parent
    source : ShopSettings.builtin_shoplist_backgroundimage
    fillMode : Image.PreserveAspectCrop

    Column {
        anchors.fill : parent
        Loader {
            id :header
            width : parent.width
            source : Shop.getQml( "ShopListHeader.qml")
        ListView {
            id : shopList
            height : parent.height - header.height
            width : parent.width
            model : Shop.visitedShops();
            delegate : Loader {
                id : shopListEntry
                width : parent.width
                source : Shop.getQml( "ShopListElement.qml" );


  • Have you tried using the "sourceSize": property of the QML image element?

    If I'm remembering what I've done correctly, and I'm reading the documentation right, it should improve things by not loading the image at full resolution (which could be huge!), but at a scaled down resolution.

    Compiling it in to the resources file, rather than loading it remotely or from disk, should also help quite a bit. If I recall correctly, disk I/O on Android in cases like this is really slow, but a compiled-in resource is fast (this usually comes up with reading/loading the qml files themselves, but could be applicable here).

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