Problem with exception handling

  • Hi,
    I have the code as such:

    .h file:
    class UCSExceptions

    QString message;
    Long errorCode;
    UCSExceptions(QString message, Long errorCode);
    int UCSErrorCode;
    QString UCSErrorMessage;

    QString getMessage();
    long getErrorCode();



    .cpp file:
    //snippet of code
    catch (pnm::ucsapi::SessionException &SesEx) {
    cout << "SessionExceptionError" << endl;
    cout << SesEx.errorCode << endl;
    cout << SesEx.message << endl;
    UCSExceptions UCSError(SesEx.message,SesEx.errorCode);

    I'm getting the error "undefined reference to UCSExceptions::UCSExceptions...
    Does anyone know why?

    Thank you

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    UCSExceptions(QString message, Long errorCode) not implemented ?

    Without the complete error message it's hard to help you

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