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Cannot change build directory!

  • I am trying to move my build directory to outside of my project. (I don't want to version control my build files and for whatever reason, I can't simply ignore the build files.)

    I tried changing the Default Build Directory in Options>Build & Run. I can successfully change this directory but the build files are still created in the project folder (not the directory I specified.)

    Next I tried changing the debug and release build paths in the file. I save these changes and rebuild. The files are AGAIN created in the project folder (not the directory I specified.)

    What's worse is that if I save these changes to the user file and close the project, then re-open it. The build locations in the user file are CHANGED BACK to directory I DO NOT want them in.

    This is incredibly frustrating. Any suggestions?

    Note: I am deleting the build files in between trying. They are completely generated from scratch in the location I do not want.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Did you enable shadow build when configuring your project the first time ?

    Also what version of Qt/Qt Creator/OS are you running ?

  • Qt Creator 5.2.1
    Qt 3.0.1
    Windows 7

    MSVC 10

    And not sure about shadow building. Not even sure what it is. How do I check if it is enabled?

    From StackOverflow:

    Shadow building is a technique used to build different Qt builds of the same version for different platforms/compilers/etc. Your compiled build is in a different directory, separate from the original Qt source directory.

    I've created a shadow build for my MSVS2010 compiler. If I wanted to, I could create a new build for MinGW in a different build directory.

  • I should mention that nothing is created in the directory I specified. It is completely untouched and the build files are generated in the location I do not want them at.

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    It should be enabled by default when first configuring your project.

    In the Project panel, Build Settings under General you should have a checkbox with that option.

    Shadow building is exactly what you want "outside the source build".

  • That did it! Thanks so much!

  • @SGaist I use Qt Creator 5.6.0 on KUbuntu 16.04. I'm facing the same problem. Can you tell me which option should have checkbox in Tools->Options->Build&Run-> General ?

  • @Swati Is it this what you're looking for?

    shadow build

  • @Wieland Yeah. Problem solved now.
    Thank you so much! :)

  • @Swati Glad you solved it eventually! These little things can make one crazy :-)

  • @Wieland Yeah right! :D

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