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[solved] Qt on Android 5.2: Android Status Bar visible on startup for about a second

  • I observe that the android status bar on top is visible after starting the app for about one second until it disappears.

    I use the following code to disable the status bar.

    QQuickView view;

    Before 5.2 I used the android manifest to deactivate the status bar, but this seems not to work anymore since Qt 5.2.

    I use a Nexus 10 tablet with Android 4.4.2

    My question is, how can I prevent the android status bar to be displayed for about a second until it disappears and the application flickers for that reason?

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    Try with Qt 5.2.1 or Qt 5.3 if possible.

  • Thank you! Indeed it is much better since Qt 5.2.1. Although there is still a slight flickering on startup of the application.

    [quote author="p3c0" date="1400652472"]Hi,

    Try with Qt 5.2.1 or Qt 5.3 if possible.[/quote]

  • I updated to Qt 5.3.1.

    In 5.2.1 the android softkey menubar on the bottom disappeared when setting the following:

    QQuickView view;

    This is the desired behaviour :-)

    With 5.3.1 the buttons on the menu bar disappear, but the rectangle of the menu bar is still there in a light gray color.

    Bugin 5.3.1?

  • Yeah, the problem is back, slightly different though. As you describe, the place where the statusbar was is now an empty whitish rectangle.

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