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Qt android image help or maybe bug

  • ! not being shown)!

    Well it wouldnt show at all, any help ?

    Just playing around and trying to get used to the environment. Decided to add a picture by using label widget and then adding the picture by the pixmap option.

  • did you deploy the image with your app? your need to create a Qt resource file and use that so it will be included when you deploy the app to android (or any other device). That is at least the easiest way to do that.

  • Oh cool, learning something new everyday. Thanks.

    Im using widget and I want to add it to a label. How do I do it? I made my resource file, added a prefix and then added the image.

  • I think you can just choose an image form a resource file with the form designer?
    if you click on the "..." button next to the "pixmap" property in the label you should see your resourced and your image! :)

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