Best Linux Distribution to write programs using the Qt dev env?

  • I want to start programming cross platform applications including especially mobile apps for android and apple, possbily WinRT. To begin programming, I want to modify VLC, which uses Qt.

    I have reviewed Debian 7.5, Ubuntu ? and Suse 13.1. None of them have the current Qt 5.x libraries or tools as packages. I'm not sure they even have the libraries that a Qt dev install would require.

    Since I can choose any Linux distribution at this time, does anyone have any suggestions for a distribution that attempts to keep current with Qt?

    Or is there a distribution that (at least) has the correct compiler and supporting required operating system and developement libraries?

    I would prefer not to have to compile all of Qt myself for my computer. I don't understand the binary tar-ball that Qt provides since it doesn't seem to state which version, of which Lunix distribution, it supports.

    I guess I should use a KDE desktop too, or is that not necessary.

    On the other hand, I guess I could use windows 8.1 and possibly visual studio, but I don't know if I could produce binary programs for other non windows platforms.

    Can someone give me advise on how to start, or correct any misconceptions I have?

    Thanks in advance. :)

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Any recent distribution(most popular I know are (Ubuntu/Debian/Gentoo) should have the necessary tools. Distributions won't have the latest version of Qt since they must first test it and package it, so you'll need to install using e.g. the online installer.

    Since you are targeting all supported OSs you will need to either have several machines or virtual machines. e.g. OS X/iOS applications can only be build and deployed using OS X.

    Also, it's also always good practice to build on the target platform since it can help uncover some bugs. Cross compiling to windows is possible using MinGW but you must ensure you don't use any platform specific code.

    Hope it helps

  • Thanks for your help. It turns out that Ubuntu 14.04 includes packages for 5.2.1.

    It is probably easier to use the qt installer. :)

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    Don't hesitate to play with both. Linux distribution Qt packages aren't updated as quickly as the releases go on (which is normal) so depending on a bug fix or feature you need, you'll have to get the latest before it's available for your distro.

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