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Combo box auto detect network interfaces

  • Hi i'm a beginner using the most recent version of QT creator.

    I'm trying to design a network monitoring program using the widget application developer.

    I have implemented a combo box into the design of my program. The aim of the combo box is to automatically find and display all network interfaces related to the system on the drop down menu when selected. I have no idea where to start really. is it possible? if so what would be a good way to start going about it.

    Also this is the first part of my program that i'm coding, the end result is the choice of interface will produce a ongoing packet sniffing display on another tab.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    For network related information, have a look for the Bearer Management chapter in Qt's documentation.

    Before going further, I would recommend that you go throughout Qt's demos and examples. You'll have a good base to start with Qt

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