Can't get MetaData of URL using QMediaPlayer

  • Hi,

    So my problem is that I can't get the MetaData of an MP3 file when opening a file online using Player->setMedia(QUrl(url))

    I can get the metadata without problems if I load a local file, but it does not work with URLs (I use QUrl::fromLocalFile to load local files). The QMediaPlayer is connected to a metaDataAvailableChanged(bool) slot.

    I tried uploading an MP3 to my own FTP server and chmod it to 777 (In case it was a problem related to access and permissions) but couldn't get the MetaData.

    I can play the media without problems, but I can't get the Title, Duration,etc...

    So is this a bug or am I missing a step to do when loading from URLs?


  • Bump.... The only thread not to be answered in the list...

  • The same problem on Windows. This is bug Qt.

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