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Setting Application and Document icons with Qt 5.x for MacOS or Android

  • On MacOS you have normally a xxxx.icns for the application itself and a different xxx.icns for the document icon. gives some information how to have this automated on Mac,Windows or Linux. Unfortunately nothing is said for Android. In addition e.g. for Mac the doc proposes to insert in the .pro a line like :
    ICON = myapp.icns
    In my project it seems that the name "myapp" cannot be at random. Actually it has to be application.icns for the application icon and then it is possible to specify the same way the document icon with
    ICON = document.icns.

    But what about setting icons for an Android package?

    Thanks for any hint!

  • You will find relevant information at

    about setting an Icon for an android app.
    Good luck.
    (I am fighting now with icons on MacOS and the QMAKE_INFO_PLIST variable)

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    @ICON = myapp.icns@

    Might be what you need

    Hope it helps

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