Database querys problems!

  • Hi all!

    I'm creating a simple project with SQLITE to store some data, but I'm having some problems!
    When I need the query another table in the middle of another query, the first query only return one item...
    Example: I query the table "produto" ( "product" in english), and then and I need query the "pessoa" ("person" in english) to get the supplier. If I remove the query to get the "pessoa" my "QList<Produto*> " return 3 itens, and if i leave the query to "pessoa" my "QList<Produto*> " only return the first one item on the table.

    QList<Produto*> ProdutoDAO::listarProdutos(QString filtro) {
    QList<Produto*> lista;
    QSqlDatabase database = SingletonSession::getDatabase();
    if (
    QSqlQuery query(database);
    QString sqlSelect = "SELECT * FROM PRODUTO WHERE";
    sqlSelect.append(" (NOME LIKE '%" + filtro + "%')");
    sqlSelect.append("OR (DESCRICAO LIKE '%" + filtro + "%')");
    while ( {
    lista.append( parseRecordToObject(query) );
    return lista;

    Produto* ProdutoDAO::parseRecordToObject(QSqlQuery query) {
    QSqlRecord record = query.record();
    Produto* obj = new Produto();
    int idFornecedor = query.value(record.indexOf("myFornecedor")).toInt();
    PessoaDAO* pessoaDAO = new PessoaDAO();
    Pessoa* fornecedor = pessoaDAO->buscarPessoa(idFornecedor);
    return obj;

    static QSqlDatabase getDatabase()
    QSqlDatabase database = QSqlDatabase::database(getConnectionName());
    if (! database.isValid())
    database = QSqlDatabase::addDatabase(DRIVER, getConnectionName());
    database.setDatabaseName( getDataBaseName() );
    return database;

    I make another project in the past, using the same idea and some resources but using Qt4.8 and I never get problems with that, in this new project I'm getting problems, I'm using Qt5.2.
    Please can some one help me to solve this problem?
    Thanks a lot

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    Did you check the query that you have generated ? Print the content of lastQuery() so you'll see if there's something fishy with it.

    Hope it helps

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