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Card game interface and functionality

  • Hi guys,

    I'll cut straight to the chase here. As you can probably guess, I'm creating a card game in C++. I'm quite new to the language, but it's going very good so far. I'm soon to start working on graphical side of the project, problem is - have absolutely no experience in this yet. I'd like to get some guidelines, a breakdown of the process that would point me to the right direction, because at the moment everything seems a bit foggy and overwhelming, simply because I don't know where to start.

  • Hi Marcius.
    Welcome to DevNet.
    Well, if you need just a card game interface you can use QGraphicsView for that. For example check "Animated Tiles Example":
    But for game developing on Qt, most people prefer "QML":

  • Thanks.

    I've been googling around and came across qt creator, which seems like a good place to start getting to know qt. Stay tuned, I'm sure I'll run into something sooner or later

  • Hi Marcius,
    how has your progress been so far, and did you decide for QML?
    I would highly recommend using QML for the UI of your game, as it is better suited for mobile and a more rapid development approach than C++.
    If you do not have any performance-sensitive code, I would even try using JavaScript/QML for the game logic as well.

    Our games for example are purely based on QML & JavaScript with some of the more performance-sensitive tasks like path finding written in C++. You can have a look at the source code of them here:


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