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Building QT on embedded board

  • I would like to build QT on my own embedded board based on Renesas RZA1H processor. The operating system is FreeRTOS. Has anybody got any guideline of how to accomplish this task? Any assistance would be appreciated. I have GNU cross compiler for RZA1H on win PC.

  • Hi,

    As I understand it, you would be looking at a full port of Qt, as there currently isn't one for FreeRTOS.

    Qt generally requires that the platform is POSIX compliant. As far as I remember FreeRTOS doesn't support POSIX, so you would need some kind of wrapper in between.

    If you really want to undertake a port, the development mailing list http://lists.qt-project.org/mailman/listinfo/development is probably the place to ask questions.

    But before posting there, please do some searches on the list and on the web first to find out what you should be asking :)

    I'm not a developer, but have worked long enough with them to have picked up a few things.

  • Thank You for your suggestion.

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