Setting up Qt Creator to run application on embedded Linux device with NFS

  • I want to start with that I did read the Qt Creator manual/help page and did not find any details related to the problem I am seeing.

    my current setup:
    Freescale Vybrid board running Linux
    Both kernel and RFS are located on the host and booted via NFS/TFTP
    Connected through the home network to the host running Ubuntu 12.04
    Qt Creator 3.0.0

    Checking connection under Tools-->Options--> Devices, shows successful connection to the target device.

    SSH and VSFTPD are installed on target device.

    The problem:
    I started a new QtQuick 2.0 App in Qt Creator which automatically generated Hello World program
    The program runs fine on desktop
    however when I switch the kit to my embedded device the QML folder disappears
    and the following error is displayed: Project ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: quick. This happens even before i hit compile button. Compiling fails immediately with the same error. When I switch the kit to Desktop, the QML folder comes back.

    When I looked on the embedded device in the /opt folder was empty. So Qt Creator is no copying the project files to the embedded device, but i have no idea why. Could NFS have something to do with it?

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