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[solved] Qt 5.2.0 on iOS (image file in Qt's resource system not found on iOS)

  • Hi!

    I have a QML app which works fine on the Desktop.

    All .qml files and images are packaged into the qrc resource system.

    When I run the app in iOS Simulator, the images can not be loaded.
    Xcode Output gives:
    qrc:///qml/BottomStatusBar/BottomStatusBar.qml:32:13: QML Image: Invalid image data: qrc:///qml/BottomStatusBar/aircraft.svg

    The image item is used in the file BottomStatusBar.qml via:
    Image {
    id: connectionStateImage
    anchors.centerIn: parent
    source: "aircraft.svg"

    The resource file contains:
    <qresource prefix="/">

    Seems as if a lot of Qt's functionality is not completely implemented in Qt for iOS!?

    I assume that as I can not use FontLoader on iOS or work with QtSql on iOS...

    May be anyone knows a solution for the image in qrc problem described above!?


  • I suggest you to test on a physical device, I faced some issues with the simulator as well

  • Analysed the problem. It is not the use of qrc or iOS simulator.
    It is the referencing of svg images from within a .qml file when running on iOS simulator. That seems not to work no matter if one uses qrc:// or file:// as reference.

  • One needs to add
    QTPLUGIN += qsvg

    to the .pro file, if one wants to use .svg images as Image source in QML.

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