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Debugging inline assembly

  • If I put a breakpoint before the asm directive when I trace the debugger jumps over the assembly code. Is that limitation of Qt Creator or it is something else? Can I step into the assembly code too?

    int __add(int a, int b)
    int result = 0;

        "  mov 1,eax\n"
        "  add 2,eax\n"
        "  mov eax,0\n"
        :"=r" (result)
        :"r" (a), "r" (b)
    return result;


    Note: For some reason I cannot put the percent sign, so I had to remove it.

    EDIT: I use MinGW on Windows 7.

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    You should also add which OS you are running on and which compiler/debugger you are using

  • By default gdb single steps by statement. It seems the assembly block is treated as a single statement. Gdb can single step by machine instruction and Qt Creator provides a toolbar control to switch to this mode (at the top of the debugging panel, at least on Linux).

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