Android app data causing update problems

  • My Android app built with qt 5.2 is just over 7MB in size and as soon as it is opened, just over 5MB of data is created.

    I don't know what this data is but it causes a problem when the app is updated - sometimes the updated app will not start. If this issue occurs, then deleting the data solves the problem. (Rebooting the device also solves the problem.)

    The problem might occur when I have updated my development environment from one version of qt to another. (I have migrated from 5.1.1, through a pre-release of 5.2RC1 and now to a pre-release of 5.2.)

    So I am guessing that the data relates to qt itself. Perhaps its the qt/qml libraries, which are maybe incompatible between qt versions.

    Any suggestions regarding what this data is and how I can make sure it is deleted between my app updates would be welcome.

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