Setting encoding format [solved]

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to save in a file my microphone output in a certain format (to be used by the speech recognition library CMU sphinx). The format has to be a single-channel (monaural), little-endian, unheadered 16-bit signed PCM audio file sampled at 16000 Hz.

    I'm currently using these parameters:
    @ QAudioEncoderSettings settings;

    The only thing I managed so far is setting it in 16 kHz.
    I thought that using settings.setBitRate(16) would produce a 16bit file but audacity tells me that the file is 32bit and stereo.
    And about the other parameters, I don't even know how to check them (is it single-channel ? monaural ? PCM ?...)

    Can somebody help me to understand these QAudioEncoderSettings methods ?

    Thank you !

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    You don't seem to set the channelCount to 1

    Hope it helps

  • Ah !! Yes indeed, now I get a monaural format. Thank you !

    I still have a sample size of 32 bit instead of 16.
    By playing with the audiorecorder example I noticed that the codecs
    audio/vorbis and audio/FLAC produce 16bit sample sizes while audio/PCM produce 32bit sample sizes.
    Is it something fixed for each codec or can it be changed ?

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    AFAIK, it should not be fixed, what OS/Qt Version are you on ?

  • I am running under Lubuntu 64 bit with Qt 5.1.1
    I finally solved the problem by using QAudioInput instead of an QAudioRecorder object. This allowed me to set my settings via QAudioFormat instead of QAudioEncoderSettings. A difference between the two classes is that the latest has a method setSampleSize. I posted a sample code here:

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    I have overlooked QAudioRecorderSettings, the sample size is indeed not there. I don't know if it's missing on purpose or not. You could ask on the interest mailing list if you would like to know more

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