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FontLoader doesn't function on iOS

  • Hello!

    I am using FontLoader like this:

    FontLoader { id: myFont; source: "qrc:/fonts/AdobeGothicStd-Bold.otf"}

    Then I call the font like this:

    Text {
    text: "MENU" myFont

    I also tried with "".

    Either way I get an Error: Unable to assign QQuickFontLoader to QString

    The font is installed on my iMac, so when I just write: "Adobe Gothic Std", then it works fine.
    But I need it to function through resource file.

    Does anyone know the solution.
    Thanks beforehand!

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Custom font are not yet implemented for iOS but it's a known missing feature you can follow it "here":

    There's a workaround in the comment that might help you

  • Ok, thank you very much for your reply!

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