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How to debug android app on a real device from Qt under ubuntu

  • Hello
    I'm developing a android app with Qt for android under ubntu. I want to debug apps on my Android device. I do every step correctly like the Qt wiki: . When I click run button ,the Qt automaticlly deploy app to AVD, without leting me choose which device to deploy. However, when I run app on ecllipse, I can deploy android app to one and the same device. Because the eclipse pop up a "Android Device Chooser" whidow.
    So, what else should I do to set my phone/Qt ? How can I debug android app on real device ?

  • I had a similar problem when I was using a Versus tablet from Maplins. It would not appear in the kit selector. Reason it would not appear is that the SDK would not pick the device up because the USB port on the tablet did not have a name. Couldn't solve that, so I tried it on a Samsung Tab and it works great now.

  • Thanks for your reply. I solved it.

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    [quote author="fly-fish" date="1383227018"]Thanks for your reply. I solved it.[/quote]

    Please provide the info how you solved it, so others can also benefit from it when they are confronted with the same problem.

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