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Compiling "picking and selection mode" example in Qt 4.7

  • Hi!

    I have just started using Qt Creator + OpenGl and I have to implement my code with a function using picking to get a link to my object and change some properties, for example. I would like to try to compile first some examples in order to understand well how this function works. I have found here-> the example: "QT translation of picksquare" but its only one file and I don't know how can I compile it, I tried to create the project file but it's not working (undefined reference to `vtable for MainWindow' ) if anyone can help me with this or tell me where can I find an example just ready to be compiled I would be really thankful for it!

    Thanks a lot!!

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    You seem to have an unrelated error.

    You should put the cpp in a folder and run qmake -project then open that project with QtCreator

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