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  • Dear All,

    Let me just explain. Im creating an app for symbian smartphone using QT that will connect to remote DB (MYSQL) and update the table every certain time with coordinates received from GPS. I'm coming to a problem there is no QMYSQL driver installed thus I can't proceed. Only installed driver is QSQLITE. My question is, could I use QSQLITE driver to update tables ? It seems that using QSQLITE driver I can connect to DB, but can't do anything further (insert data to tables). Is it the QSQLITE that does not allow to insert that data or it could be code ?

    Secondly, I tried to create my own QMYSQL driver as there are many tutorials out there. I was using few of them, but this one takes me the furthest :

    I'm getting into a problems when I execute mingw32-make. I get following messages:
    This is the link to that message as the post can't be longer than 6000 chars ...

    Could please someone help me ?????

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