How to design this problem - started multiple file uploads to server and then perform a task corresponding to each finished upload

  • Hi,

    I have this task at hand where in multiple file uploads can be started. Once a particular upload gets finished, I need to perform a particular task. I am using _QNetworkAccessManager _to upload files using PUT method and getting callbacks for finished uploads in finished(QNetworkReply* ) method.

    Can somebody help me design the solution to this problem? Basically i want to know how do I make sure that a particular upload has finished and finished callback corresponds to that particular upload and not any other upload as upload of a smaller file might get finished before a big file upload. How to generalize the solution to this problem?

    Any suggestions/hints appreciated.

  • Do you know the QtConcurrent framework ??

    What I will do is to create a method that manage the upload in a blocking way and return only when the upload of the file has been completed (or return an error).
    Then, I will use the QtConcurrent to run a pool of such methods in parallel that uploads different files.
    And then, I will use a QFutureWatcher to execute whatever you need when one upload has been completed.


  • No I never used them.

    Would be great if you could provide me with some working example of this.


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