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Android WebKit

  • In the instructions for building Qt for the Android, it says to skip building of "unsupported" modules and this includes webkit. However, in the New Projects templates for Qt Creator 2.7.2, there is an HTML5 project and it says android is a supported platform. Is this currently true? If not, any idea when it might be? Our project depends heavily on WebKit and I'd love to give it a try on the Android.

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    i wouldn't stack your hopes too high on QtWebkit for Android:
    It seems they changed plans short time ago, since QtWebkit was still "planned 2 month ago":http://lists.qt-project.org/pipermail/android-development/2013-May/000114.html.

  • ah, thanks for the pointer on the bug (which leads to this one:

    I looked in the qt-android bugs but didn't see anything. As mentioned, this would be real nice, although I see that the original Necessitas port for 4.8 seems to have WebKit support:


    Haven't had a chance to check it out yet.

  • Does anybody have a suggestion on how to add a simple WebView or anything similar to your android app until webkit is available for android?

    For example, I added admob ads to my app without adding any Qt code (only modifying Manifest and Activity java files etc...) So for example if I only want to add a website to load automatically in my App so that it looks integrated, will it be possible?

    I really need to have some sort of web interface to continue with my development.

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  • Thanx raven-worx.

    So there is no way to know when it will be possible?

    I agree with jdarnold. I used WebView with Necessitas where I added a Google Maps view and it worked great. The problem is I can compile the Qt libs in the apk using Qt4.8 (people don't want to download Ministro with 32MB of libraries on mobile devices to use a app) so I have to go to Qt5 where the Webview is not working.

    Why can't they add the webview capabilities of Necessitas to Qt5 until they have a real fix?

  • *A native WebView for Android and iOS would make Qt "the one framework to rule them all". *

    The lack of a Qt native WebView on Android and iOS is causing developers to reconsider PhoneGap and other cross-platform alternatives before drinking the Qt mobile Kool-Aid.

    As of today the lack of a Qt native WebView is practically a show-stopper for Qt use in mobile development. Implementation of a usable solution in Qt will be challenging to support both Android and iOS.

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