Problem debugging shared and static libs in QT Creator

  • I have a couple of libraries and I cant seem to get the debugger to step into them or set break points!

    I have just started with QT Creator and as a first step I created three simple projects

    1. A static library with some simple test methods such as - int AddValues(int val1, int val2)
    2. A shared library with some simple methods
    3. A console application to load and test the above libraries.

    It all built OK and the console application runs and exercises the libraries correctly. I.e I get the right results.
    However -

    1. I cannot set break points in the libraries
    2. I cannot step into them (F11).

    I am running on Ubunto 12.10 and I downloaded QT creator from the Ubuntu Software center

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    Hi and welcome to DevNet,

    Do you build your software in debug mode ?

  • Yes all three projects are built in debug. I should have mentioned that QT creator is version 2.5.2

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    Are the tree projects separated ? Or is it one that builds the tree different pieces ?

    As a side note it's Qt, QT stands for Apple QuickTime :)

  • They are 3 seperate progect within one session.
    I have set each project up so that they all have the same target directory for the binaries.
    ie DESTDIR = ../bin
    for all three

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    Does the Debugger log window show anything ?

  • Yes it shows me quite a bit! But I would say there are no obvious error/warning message there.
    Is there something specifically I should be looking for?

  • Red face time!
    I thought I was building the two libs in debug mode but when I dug a bit deeper into the build setting I see it was only the test app that was in debug. I have now rebuilt the two libs in debug and success!. I can set and hit break points in them and step into them with the F11 key.
    Thanks for your help

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