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Setting up qt creator for compiling embedded projects

  • Hi i want to set up and configure qt creator for windows to write programs running on the raspberry pi.

    But i dont get any of this working. I installed qt and for testing purposes and additionally i installed minGW and somewhere I already have installed C++ for Visual Studio.

    When I try to run the sample programs it says the following:

    :-1: Fehler:Qt Creator benötigt einen Compiler zum Erstellen des Projekts. Bitte richten Sie einen Compiler in den Kit-Einstellungen ein.

    In english: I shall configure the compiler in the Kit-Settings. What does this mean.

    In the sectrion settins Compiler I added MinGW and added the path: C:\MinGW\bin\g++.exe

    And on the Kits sectrion i chose the added compiler.

    Whats still wrong?

    Thank you for your attention.


  • welcome to devnet

    You need a proper cross-compiler. You need to check if one is available to operate on raspberry pi.
    E.g. with "rasberry+pi+windows+crosscompile":

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