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When will be released Qt 5 version for Embedded linux ?

  • When will be released Qt 5 version for Embedded linux ?

  • Same day as all the other platforms. :)

    Due to the wide variety of custom Linux systems it is not feasible to release pre-built packages for all of them. Just download the source and build it with the correct options for your platform. You probably want to use either the wayland or eglfs qpa plugins.

    Have fun!

  • Thanks !

    What about windows version with minGW ?

  • Hopefully windows/mingw build will be included in 5.0.1 sometime around late January I believe.

  • Thanks again !

  • Dear ZapB,

    Thank you for helpful info. Do we have a build guide for QT5 for Embedded Linux? I need implement an QT5 application on a board using arm chip.

    We've built QT5 and been stuck in web-kit issues. In fact we don't want to include web-kit but don't know how to remove it.

    I don't know much about the wayland or eglfs qpa plugins that you mentioned. Can you clarify a little?

  • Have you tried

    @./configure ... -nomake webkit@

  • Moderators

    In Qt5, to remove webkit, simply rename or remove qtwebkit folder.

  • To be honest if you are building from source for a custom platform where you may need to tweak things then I would just build Qt5 from a git clone rather than from the released source packages. The reason is that it is much much easier to manage your patches and to revert to a clean source checkout if needed.

    It is also much easier to control exactly which modules you wish to include. Don't want webkit? Easy, just don't cd into qtwebkit and execute qmake && make && make install.

    With this in mind take a look at these instructions and customise to suit your particular platform

    Just be careful to checkout the release branch and tag for Qt 5.0.0 - unless of course you wish to get more recent fixes, in which case use the stable branch.

    Hope this helps.

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